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Case Studies Studio

Welcome to the Lumen5 Case Studies Studio, where success stories come to life. Dive into a world of enterprise-level transformations as we showcase how our AI-powered video creation tool is reshaping the landscape of video content and storytelling. 

From unlocking the potential of video with AI to revolutionizing the way stories are told, these case studies exemplify the power of our mission: to enable creators to become storytellers. Discover firsthand accounts from industry leaders who have implemented, scaled, and grown their video marketing initiatives with Lumen5.

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Engagement Strategies: How Emerson Transformed Video Content with Lumen5
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From First Impressions to Lasting Impressions: How Best Western Hotels Transformed Its Video Marketing with Lumen5

Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs Puts the Spotlight on New Initiatives With Lumen5

Why Swiss Re Banked on Lumen5 for Social Engagement


How Cisco scaled their video and comms by over 20% with Lumen5


How Siemens had 98.3% faster turnaround times and created over 4300 videos in 12 months


How Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices created 500 videos in 10 months


Learn how Mondadori doubled social media engagement and tripled their video views with Lumen5.


How Lumen5 is helping CMS get in front of their audience and reach their video marketing goals


How Lumen5 is helping NC State University boost their online presence and drive more traffic


How Lumen5 is helping Taxevity with brand consistency


How Lumen5 is helping Mitsubishi expand their content strategy and speed up their workflow


How Lumen5 helped DNV level up their social media game

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