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About the Event


Sometimes, doing things a little bit differently can bring you that much closer to your goals.

In this special webinar, CEO and Founder Michael Cheng unveils the secrets of successful video strategy. Highlighting real-life examples from brands such as Emerson and Best Western, he’ll guide us through the art of video creation: from crafting visually stunning, top tier videos with AI, to incorporating brand elements and voice-driven features that can transform your content strategy and elevate your brand’s presence.

Lumen5 has been at the forefront of video creation since 2017. But last year, with new innovations in AI and video technology, we began the process of redefining how Lumen5 plays a critical role in video strategy. Now, it’s time to pull back the curtain and reveal what sets us apart. It's not just about the video—it's about setting the stage for a new era of brand storytelling.

Together with the product team, Michael will cover:

  • How video creation changed and why we need to adapt
  • 3 new ways to create videos more efficiently
  • Using video to engage, resonate, and tell your brand story
  • How teams can use Lumen5 to scale their video strategy across organizational layers

With Lumen5, both efficiency and effective video strategy live hand in hand. Get a front row seat as we roll out the red carpet towards your video success, and join us to learn new ways to make video!

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Your Host


Mike Cheng,
CEO and Founder

Michael Cheng started Lumen5 with a mission to help businesses build community and drive demand. The platform now boasts global customers including the likes of Cisco, SAP, Financial Times and more. Between doing hands-on testing in the platform and speaking on webinars, he’s often found spending time with his family.




Kaegan Donnelly,
Head of Product

Since 2017, Kaegan has been a leader in AI-powered video creation technology. When he's not leading product strategy, he's often enjoying his other cutting-edge hobbies: at his local hockey rink or preparing for his next stint on a reality cooking show.



Mac Mitschke,
Product Designer

Mac is at the forefront of designing Lumen5’s newest AI features, enhancing user interaction and simplifying complex processes. Off the clock, she switches from digital to manual, shaping pottery and assembling Lego with precision.



Reese Patterson,
Product Designer

Reese is a seasoned product designer with over 9 years of experience in the Vancouver tech industry. At Lumen5, he is helping the company to pioneer AI technology for the next generation of online video content creators.



Sarah Leong,
Product Manager

Sarah started in tech as a software engineer. Today, she’s a product manager working with our video engine team to find innovative solutions to enhance our video capabilities and redefine industry standards. Outside of work, she loves to go on adventures with her dog.



Kanwar Pal Singh,
Motion Graphics Designer

With 5 years of experience in cinematography and motion graphics, Kanwar creates visual narratives with intentional video design. At Lumen5, he helps teams create videos that tell stories and carry meaning. He is a master both behind and in front of the camera.

What's Lumen5?

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