The Art of Video Storytelling


The Art of Video Storytelling -
The Recipe of an Effective Video


Mobile devices and social media have fundamentally changed the way we communicate. What used to be walls of text have become feeds of videos. Dating as far back as 2017, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg already stated that he would "keep putting video first across our family of apps."

In June 2021, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that "Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app" as they pivot ultimately into a platform for video content.

However, many B2B companies are still intimidated by video content, simply because they think it takes time, design skills, and they do not know how to create an effective video. This ebook will help you eliminate those fears. 

What’s Inside?

At Lumen5, we have over 800,000 users consistently making video content with over 6 million videos created. We’ve seen some good ones, but the best of them keep these 9 elements top of mind and we’re sharing these tips with you.

In this insights-packed ebook, learn:

  • The three-part process on the art of video storytelling, and how to truly create a video that engages, captivates, and converts your audience.
  • In part I, learn how to create a story structure that hooks the most valuable resource of your viewer - their attention. Then, learn how to make a video 'flow' and keep their engagement.
  • In part II, learn how to set pacing, style, and sound to create the right mood and feel for your video.
  • In part III, learn how you can be precise with the look of your video without needing design skills. We'll cover how to use media, text and illustrations to bring your content to life.

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