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A Marketer's Guide to AI: Risks, Opportunity, and Solutions

What’s Inside?

AI - to infinity and beyond.

Believe it or not, 77% of the devices we use feature one form of AI or another. From AI-powered voice assistants to facial recognition and autocorrect recommendations, we interact with AI daily!

This new wave of generative AI tools is rapidly becoming very integral in many industries and is likely to overturn how we operate today. Marketers in particular are faced with great opportunity–and risk–in this period of economic downtown and the continued contractions on resources and bandwidth.

What does AI mean for marketers? How will this change the future of AI and marketing?

In this insights-packed ebook, we'll focus on:

  • What is generative AI? and the effects and changes
  • AI's impact on marketing and how to incorporate AI to solve your pain points (with examples!)
  • Tips on how to de-risk AI through risk assessment and strategic leveraging
  • What are guardrails and guidelines?
  • Will AI replace humans entirely?

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