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The Future of B2B Video:
Structured Video Creation

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What’s Inside?

Online video marketing isn’t the future – it’s the now.

It’s now the preferred form of communication for many organizations, and for good reason: it’s a more compelling, fun and efficient way to get your message across.

But producing quality video content is a challenging task. It's intimidating for newcomers, time-consuming, and with professional help, the numbers can rack up quickly.

So where do you start? 


In this insights-packed ebook, we'll focus on:

Part 1: Freeform video creation:

  • The history of freeform video creation and tools
  • Where freeform video creation tools fall short

Part 2: Structured video creation:

  • Why structured video creation is for enterprise
  • 5 benefits of using a structured video creation tool
  • 4 key video elements to streamlining your video creation with Lumen5

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